Augmented Reality

Rom’s peeps are really into augmented reality, I guess because they’re intense and real reality isn’t enough for them. Don’t ask Thaddeus about augmented reality or he will talk for five hours straight about all the potential applications and how this nascient technology is on the edge of blowing up. He’ll talk on and on and may not even notice if you slink away to get some food or something.

Anyways, augmented reality are these devices that look like horn-rimmed glasses. When you put them on they overlay other stuff on top of reality and I would never tell anyone here this but it really freaks me out. When I tried them on all of a sudden I could see little monsters in the room and a voice whispered in my ear that the princess needed saving and would I accept the quest to free her from the evil overlords of Zorm (or Quorm, or Storm, or something like that)? I took off the glasses and haven’t worn them since. All of it reminds me of what I don’t want which is going crazy.


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